Cognitive Dissonance is Rampant in America


Dr Joy Degruy explains the psychological disorder which runs rampant in Amerikkka.
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  1. Thank you for sharing and caring. The more we dispel the lies and myths the quicker peace will come to the planet.

  2. First cognizance for the next generation,
                            Nina Simone's "To be Young, Gifted and Black..'.

  3. Empathy is bad politics. no wonder she get little traction, her logical approach towards the behavior of modern blacks is next to nothing. instead she gives "moving" reasons why blacks act like animals with a baseball bat, the reason as she represented is because of growing social tension caused by slavery. She did not address the flaws on social issue facing the black communities and family oriented values that has drastically shifted compared from 20-30 years ago and how it made a significant behavior in the black community, the liberal poison in which the cause of pretty much everything we see. The truth being that when communities started to empathize a society over the fault of its past, it will always, never achieve progress for a common goal and instead it will only lead to racial and social disparities causing one group to blame their own misfortune on others. Going from her own reasoning, Blacks are angry at whites and themselves since they (as history has proven) have a history of owning slaves and selling slaves, this hypocrisy will just end in empty rhetoric.

  4. Black people are really good at coming up with excuses for all of their shortcomings, deficiencies, and lack of accomplishments. It’s always the fault of white people. Isn’t it funny that the blacks in white majority countries literally live like royalty as compared to when they are on their own in black majority countries. Compare the living standards of American Negroes in the inner city with the starving and backward blacks in Africa and Haiti.

    Low average IQ and a propensity for violence is a real bummer! Let's face it, blacks need white people around to help take care of them. When they are on their own, it's perpetual civil war with mass starvation. I really wish things weren't like this and all groups were the same, but unfortunately that is not how the world works.

  5. In the early 1970's, on ABC-TV…Gil Noble had a Sunday noon tv show in New York City.  I used to catch it from time to time.  Gil Noble….was young then…and her really put on some good shows…check out his trip to the temples of Egyptian-Kemet-Nubia statues with the highly scholarly Dr. Josef Ben Jochannan.  On youtube, you can see a lot of the work of these two great men, now that they have gone on to the 'realm of the ancestors.'   This is one of my favorite videos.  I didn't have 25 dollars when Dr. DeGruy came to Atlanta, Ga…a few years ago…and didn't check her out… But, I admire her life's work…tremendously!!!

  6. Slave massa descendants is a replication of them and this is still evident in 2017 and this history of slavery brought on by "America's " little secret needs to be EXPOSED ASAP!!!!! NOTHING BUT THE HARD CORE TRUTH!!!!!

  7. We thank you for this knowledge and we are grateful I speak as an African and can relate to so many points and agree that we have to function as a global black people yes Malcolm X thought the same way in his time topi hope the time will come thank you

  8. Every time their's a video discussion about how so called whites, which are really pink, have brutalized our people it's always a muthafucka talking that Irish potatoe shit. GTFO this video, you'll never get any sympathy and other pink bastard for that matter.

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