Cognitive Biases – The self-serving bias


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A self-serving bias is any cognitive or perceptual process that is distorted by the need to maintain and enhance self esteem. When individuals reject the validity of negative feedback, focus on their strengths and achievements but overlook their faults and failures, or take more responsibility for their group’s work than they give to other members, they are protecting the ego from threat and injury. These cognitive and perceptual tendencies perpetuate illusions and error, but they also serve the self’s need for esteem.

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  1. A well put together presentation that is succinct and to the point. I'm learning (informal) social psychology and the self-serving bias is linked to The Self in Chapter 3 of Myers, Abell and Sani's Social Psychology UK edition. Thank you for posting this.

  2. i have anxiety and panic attacs very often .no one trust me please help. my mom dont want me to see a docter cuz its too pricy do a video about it so i can control my self and now much more about it pllllease like this comments so she would do it please i need help!!!

  3. My school does this all the time. When I get an A the teacher takes the credit. But when I fail, it is suddenly my fault and the give me adderall.

    The teacher doesn't do it for her self esteem. unless you think self-esteem is a socio-meter, that measure her reputation. She fake her skills to make an illusion of her skills. Tell everyone you are great and they might believe. Everyone think it is me that is the problem. Making you self seem good, is a great way to make people accept your side of the story. I'm beginning to doubt my self which just make me less credible. Surely i'm a bad learner and she's a good teacher.

  4. I'm not sure if this is self serving bias. Either you or AnticitizenX is right. He says self serving bias is when someone is biased to chose that which most benefits you. He sights a study in which people were given a fake study that said caffeine is very dangerous. The non coffee drinkers believed it and the coffee drinkers didn't. It's not quite the same thing.

  5. This is extremely useful for traders as well. Those who lose money will continue to lose money until they learn to accept responsibility and learn from it.

    Most will never learn to accept failure as feedback and will quit all together. When you shift control to environment. Something which you can't control you are giving up the part which makes you human. Being strong and becoming stronger.

    That is why we are not apes and gorillas. We are not strong like dinosaur so we build machinery to make us lift heavy objects. We are not fast to hunt so we craft bows and arrows and unfortunately guns and bombs.

    I wonder if capitalism is the reason for most financial dismal because we want more instead of making a difference.

    If you don't accept where you are. Change it. Starts with illusion of your future and create baby steps to get it done. The world is full of people who had taken the walk.

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  7. I love it. I have observed this behavior all my life. Trying to help others bridge the gap of not knowing, to knowing that this is ever present, and impacting all our lives, is quite a task. Few seem to understand that they have a subconscious.

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