Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) – how to use the very basics


This webinar is designed to introduce non-specialist staff to the basics of CBT. It explores what CBT is and how we can use the very basics to help young people address negative thoughts and behaviours.

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  1. what about thoughts about like I am going to die! your body starts to feel sick your mind is telling you that you are dying Its not easy to get flip on the switch that you are fine. most people do not always thing that they are a failure. Extreme anxiety is based on I think that I am dying. So how do you fix this problem that I have be living with for the last 13 years?

  2. You need to apply CBT to correct your negative though that the viewers did not hit pause. Why so serious?

  3. the video may have been more helpful to me if you could have slowed down the pace of your speaking, my anxiety was triggered trying to keep up with you.

  4. I legit paused! Am I too much of a keener because I paused? Your language ('oh, you didn't did you?') really makes me think so.

  5. Thank you for the feedback – so glad you found this video useful – it seems to have found a far broader audience that we'd ever imagined, but I'm delighted to hear that you're finding it a helpful introduction. Pooky

  6. Thank you very much for that Video it was hugely useful, I am University student, writing a paper on CBT and I missed the lecture on it, I read the Prof's powerpoints and tried to back up with the textbook and still wasnt feeling confident enough, BUT this video explained it in very simple YET hugely informative and useful way. Thank you Dr Knightsmith.

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