Cognitive Behavioral Therpay


Lecture on cognitive-behavioral therapy and counseling to accommpany my texts Theory and Treatment Planning in Counseling and Psychotherapy and Case Documentation in Counseling and Psychotherapy. Also visit and for more free resources.

Learn what is insomnia and how to use cognitive behavioural therapy techniques to quiet your mind at night with Dr. Christine Korol. Be sure to visit to receive notices of upcoming classes and more info. For more info on insomnia or to find a sleep professional in your community also check out the National Sleep Foundation’s website –

Please note the educational material presented in this video is for informational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. Consult with your psychologist or physician prior to starting any treatment regimen.

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  1. Dr. Gerhart! First of all thank you for your lectures! I am a grad student (MSW) and I use them quite often in my studies. I would life to cite the text in which this particular CBT content is written and hope you will send me the proper APA citation. Thank you so much!!

  2. Thank you for this video. I've been suffering from bad sleep for the past month, some nights sleeping almost nothing. Your video is very comprehensive. I have a couple of questions. What if you're trying to not go to bed until you're sleepy, but you just don't get sleepy all night. Or if you're trying the sleep restriction method and your average number of hours asleep is less than 3 and your wake up time is 7am.. should I go to bed at 4am? I'm scared I would end up not sleeping at all. Thanks.

  3. It's 4:47am…

    I didn't sleep at all, The whole month of December, I've been like this. I'm telling my mom tomorrow, (December 31 2017) Today rather, if this didn't workout..

    New subscriber by the way. Thanks for the info. I hope I'll get some goodnight sleep tonight. Atleast the first goodnight sleep of 2018

  4. I've been struggling falling asleep for days, it's only making my depression worse. I'm going to try my best to follow these steps and hope the best. Thank you

  5. I may be late video is posted 6 years ago but when i see you smiling while u explain makes me so happy idk u look so cute +1 like and subscribe thanks for the video really helped

  6. You are a very positive and caring person. Thank you for this video. I learn differently than most people, and this video really helped me understand some concepts.

  7. how can i slow down my heartrate when i sleep. i wake up every hr r 2 and my heart is racing.

  8. Thank You! It is a wonderful thing you do for others. I hope your life is full of love and success, oh yeah and lots of sleep.

  9. Hi this video seemed to save my life. I am writing "seemed" to because of a vital reason. I started having insomnia from 2013 firstly. It was on and off. Took Marijuana before bed it helped. Then i realized its isnt a permanent solution to my problem stopped taking it. In the start of early 2014 started taking quantam method meditation techniques. Unfortunately didnt continue.The sleep problem persisted on and off i continued my life taking light powered sleeping pills. up until last year when i saw this video in about april 2016 last year i started practising "CBT" techniques. It worked wonders for me! It changed my life gave me confidence that has ceased with chronic insomnia. I could workout properly. And started to have more control over my life. Using the Cbt technique i never used to go bed during daytime regardless how i tired i felt instead used to lydown on the floor if necessary. And practiced more or less most of the techniques discussed here. But all of a sudden from last 19 th march without any significant change in my life. without any real real distress or depression (as i was leading a normal healthy life). I couldnt sleep well. And my sleep quality deteorated significantly. I kept on persisting practising cbt technique s but my previous improvement of insomnia seemed to vanish….:( Now my sleep has become disorientated and loe in quality and can't sleep through straight 8 hours ( that i enjoyed upon my improvement in last 1 year) instead without any significant reason i started waking up after more or less 4 hours of sleep and find it difficult to go back to sleep .Hence my life seems miserable. please help me out dear caroline what can be the likely reason for this? Have my body become just resistant to cbt techniques? Btw i have been on post herptic neurolaugia medicine s for last 2 years . It didnt hamper my sleep or anything. kindly waiting for your valuable feedback thankyou.

  10. The author keeps talking about 'feeling sleepy during the day' , 'taking naps' , 'being really tired after not sleeping' etc. but my insomnia is so bad that I never feel the feeling of sleepiness ever, even if I havent slept in days. I guess there is no help for me

  11. Thank you very much; I am studying for a CBT therapist & along with workbooks you helped A LOT!
    I think that it is great you make these videos and thus useful knowledge available to many people.
    & you are such a great normalizer.

    + karma points for you 🙂

  12. what would the sleep graph cycle look like with someone that works a 12.5 hour night shift.
    on my days off I become a day person… I can actually see my family

  13. Thank you so much I've been going thru hell for the past few months been all over the place looking for solutions your video was so much helpful i was freaking out loosing my mind about my sleep problems

  14. Thank You So much …its very helpful….Most common and Major reason of insomnia = FEAR of Sleeplessness .. Its just the fear…(if there is no other health issue) this fear will go away with the passage of time….. All we need to do is stop thinking about our sleep … this is what helped me … i avoid medicines /pills as much as i can…. and its very hard for me to sleep… in weekends i try to sleep without any pills and if i get some sleep, thats very relaxing for me and it convinces me that i dont have to depend on drugs…. thanks you again

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