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People unable to think for themselves. Followers. Lemmings. Those with no cognitive ablilities of their own.

So-called “smart drugs” are drugs that can supposedly enhance your cognitive abilities. People all over the world are taking them in universities, offices and the comfort of their own home – to get ahead of the game. One drug, Modafinil – is amongst the most popular. It was labelled in August 2015 as the world’s first “safe” smart drug – off the back of research from Harvard and Oxford University. But is this true? And do “smart drugs” actually work? In this film, our reporter Benjamin Zand tries a drug himself – as he takes a first-hand look inside the world of so-called smart drugs.

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  1. for me Modafinil is amazing I have Sleep Apnea and I found because of it during the Day I couldnt function properly and had to go to sleep during the day. for me Modafinil changed my life because I could function properly and have a life.

  2. 1 Find a person who never drunk coffee;
    2 Ask them to drink a cup right before sleeping;
    3 Are they feeling everything is ok? Good…ban coffee now.
    Modafinil works for 10-12 hrs instead of 1-2 hrs like coffee… that was the only difference I felt.

  3. all you need is to map all your neural path ways in your brain using MRI scans
    compare scans from res, and working hard.
    create a personalised drugs that stimulate the same pathways, using genetic factors as signalling pathways.

    this is the only way your brain can be pushed to replicate "hard Work" and even force this path way in your brain to get stronger

    if you believe i am a genuis, message me

  4. Major Side EffectsYou should check with your doctor immediately if any of these side effects occur when taking modafinil:
    Less common:
    Black, tarry stoolsblurred vision or other vision changeschest painchills or feverclumsiness or unsteadinessconfusiondizziness or faintingincreased thirst and urinationmental depressionproblems with memoryrapidly changing moodsshortness of breathsore throattrembling or shakingtrouble in urinatinguncontrolled movements of the face, mouth, or tongueunusual bleeding or bruisingunusual tiredness or weakness

  5. I'm not a doctor, but from what I learned about immunology I think that the first couple of rashes you got represent a primary response to the molecule (or maybe an excipient) so I reckon you should avoid to take it again as it is a drug linked with Steven-Johnson and Lyell syndromes and the other dermatological reactions, hence the secondary response could be much worse.

  6. First, why couldn't he get Modafinil from a British pharmacy? Second, given that he got his pill online, how does he know that he got what he paid for?

  7. It takes time and bravery to just take a pill like that risk something happening to your body. I can't imagine the full experience you got from that drug.

  8. I tried piracetam kind of on accident, and it was amazing. I´d love to see an investigation like this one but about piracetam instead, i think on the right doses it was really helpfull, and i only tried a couple of pills over 2 or 3 days, and to this day (about 6 months after) i still think it had something to do with me quitting smoking and becoming more productive, at least for the first week and afterwards it was just my will to continue.

  9. i dont see how this was a "nightmare". nice click bait title BBC. results may vary, end of story.

  10. For the people that say modafinal doesn't work I recommend trying armodafinil first before discrediting it. modifinals big brother.

  11. I've Modafinil and I think it's one of few Nootropics that I feel really works. The first day I felt a pressure to my forehead as if my brain was working a lot. It kind of felt like it was trying to get through this fog barrier in my brain. The second day I could feel a difference in my focus. I was able to get a lot of work done, much more than usual. It feels almost like drinking coffee but without that caffeine crash that you usually get after a few hours.

  12. Very poor quality 'documentary'. But, bearing in mind (excuse the pun) it is the BBC, so poor, biased, reporting comes as standard.

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