Childish People Sheeple and Followers


Everyone’s a Follower.

People want to jack the Ronnie Banks haircut instead of just being themselves. I don’t how one could be so focused on the most insignificant things to try to make oneself appealing in a relationship. When I met my girlfriend, I was wearing windbreaker pants with grass stains, a hoodie, eyebrows and hair hadn’t been done for 2 months. Just goes to show that having a fresh cut is something stupid to focus on when determining if someone is a valid boyfriend/girlfriend.

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  1. Same with religion We got immortal jellyfish instead of looking at why and how they are immortal to do life extension ..We on a God with NO EVIDENCE WTF?

  2. Almonte I ran into your content randomly but you are wise beyond years, I think your content is legit and I'm following your stuff now

  3. People always think immaturity and childish, not child-like (this would be the good kind), behavior only lasts until you hit adulthood; Unfortuantely, childish and immaturity can go straight through peoples entire lives. Take where I am from for example: People slam doors for no reason, they shout from a far for no reason, they play pointless, boring mind games, and i'm not talking about fun pranks or jokes, just miserable, bitter mind games from a far.

    You will figure out that adults can be the most miserable human beings on the earth; They literally are adult toddlers in what they do and their behaviors; It's not surprising how some areas can be due to peoples behaviors. And try and "correct" them, like you would do a toddler, and they can't even handle accountability for their own actions.

    There are quite a few adults that should not be "adults"; 18 is just a number, it doesn't mean your an adult.

  4. All the feminine fried chicken loving hood niggas I cut off, told me I should like Fat asses like there obese girlfriends have…I had to explain that healthy women have nice or firm body parts and not fat ones….Fuckin sheeps.LMAO!

  5. Haha funny you use that term "sheeple." Many people are sheep, best to be the herder. God bless

  6. Sheeple ….just not the way to go in life.It's so important to just face your own destiny and life in my opinion.

  7. I watch this video just to wait for the part "SO LET ME KNOOOO" hilarious man!!!!!

  8. Bro you should be happy that you have admirers who look up to you and take the fact that they said "they are gonna get the same cut as you" as a compliment and just enjoy the fact that people are saying you look nice. Try not to care if they're being a follower.. If that's what they wanna do then oh well… And yeah it's true you most likely will stay single if you only date girls that "dress the way you want them to" none I us want a girl who dress like shut so yep…i don't understand how you could get offended off of people saying they are going to get the same hair cut as you…?? That would make me feel pretty danm good about my taste in haircuts and make me think I look good..but still you are entitled to your own opinion sooooo…

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