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Cognitive Enhancement with Sensory Deprivation Tanks

Sep 13, 2018 | | Say something Is floating in a sensory deprivation tank a cognitive enhancement activity? In this episode I review my first experience with Sensory Deprivation tank floating. I explain the mental processes encountered, the full rundown on the experience you can expect, and propose some of the potential benefits of regular floating. It is all too common […more]

The First MBTI Type & Cognitive Function Video You Should Ever Watch

Sep 10, 2018 | | 13 comments

This is a TwFP primer on MBTI and Cognitive Functions. You can get the companion PDF for this video for FREE here: Shopping: Patronage: Talking: Email: FB page: The room is always open, always recording, and always uploading to the raw channel. By entering either of the twfp […more]

MBTI Cognitive Function Series – Introverted Feeling (Fi) (Long)

Sep 7, 2018 | | 20 comments

This video is about introverted feeling, which is an MBTI Cognitive function that is almost opposite of extraverted feeling. We explore some of its characteristics, its basic function, and how it correlates with Extraverted Thinking. It is the Dominant Function of ISFP and INFP, and it is the auxiliary function of the ESFP and ENFP. […more]

Technological Cognitive Enhancement Next!

Sep 4, 2018 | | 11 comments

Transhumanism. Man-computer interface. Davos 2013: world leaders to discuss aliens, super-humans, and immortals

Cognitive Neuroscience and Reading

Aug 31, 2018 | | Say something

As the first of four presentations during American Education Week 2012 at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Professors Catherine Compton-Lilly and Mark S. Seidenberg shared findings of their research pertaining to cognitive neuroscience in the classroom. Doctor Compton-Lilly explored how recent findings in cognitive neuroscience might inform work with emerging readers. Doctor Seidenberg’s talk considered the […more]

Cognitive Dissonance Theory [Final Project]

Aug 28, 2018 | | Say something

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Popular Videos – Neuroscience & Cognitive neuroscience

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Cognitive Dissonance Theory Case building explained

Aug 22, 2018 | | 21 comments

May I borrow a moment of your time? American Behavioral Scientist-Feb. 2010 Says SCADs are State Crimes Against Democracy including but not limited to Plamegate, WMD, 911, Incubator babies, S&L, Iran/Contra, Watergate, JFK, Korean War, Pearl Harbor & The USS Maine. 2+2=5 Terror Management Theory System Justification Theory,%20Banaji,%20&%20Nosek%20%282004%29%20A%20Decade%20of%20System%20Justificati.pdf Cognitive Dissonance Theory […more]

Cognitive Dissonance Theory

Aug 19, 2018 | | Say something

Coach Carter Cognitive Dissonance

Aug 16, 2018 | | Say something

OBAV blog video demonstrating the concept of cognitive dissonance. Movie: Coach Carter. Group E: Ryan Lucken, Noelle Mchugh, Violet Chen, Deuk Cho.