Apple Lemmings Commercial


Apple Lemmings Commercial

Apple Lemmings Commercial

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  1. Love this commercial. It's dark, which I love and it's message is something I believe in. Don't be a sheep (or in this case a lemming) and follow the herd. Think for yourself

  2. This ad is shameful. Apple try to earn clients infusing fear. Instead of focusing in the virtues of his own product, they concentrate in attack the competition. Apple place themselves with this ad at the level of bad politicians and old religions.

  3. I was part of the first sales force starting in 1984. Back then it was how to compete against a "DOS", IBM Big Blue, no it's not a toy mentality. The time was young and vibrant in the tech world and we learned as we went, with tons of training.

  4. Something very sinister about the use of Hi-Ho from Snow White in this instance

  5. You're calling your customers lemmings who commit suicide!!! Uh, hello??? McFly??? yeah, way to endear yourself to potential customers. wtf

  6. So… you're insulting the business people that you are trying to get to switch & use your software (???) …Steve Jobs wasn't around, was he?

  7. reading the book right…the 2 responsabiltes for this mess were lee clow and jay chariat. scully and jobs hated this shit but they still aired it.

  8. The subject matter isn't that creepy to me; it's the whistling in the background. Although, the subject matter is baffling. What is this commercial supposed to symbolize?

  9. H'mm. A large group of people standing in a very long line waiting for their turn to do something. That's something non-conformist Apple users would never do!

  10. At least back then people had the pride to stick it up to Apple when they did something like this, nowadays people are just too willing to take it up the ass from these hipsters just to have the pointless symbol of status engraved in the back of their telephones.

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