Angry Norwegian lemmings are the bravest of them all


The angry Norwegian lemming is one of the bravest rodents in the world because it has evolved aposematic traits to ward off predators, a study has suggested.

Norwegian lemmings have an interesting reputation, with people often mistakenly believing they are “crazed creatures” that commit suicide by throwing themselves off cliffs, or exploding because they are so angry.

Aposematism is unusual among herbivorous mammals – normally it is seen in insects, snakes and frogs. Cryptic evolution is an adaptive evolutionary change masked by concurrent environmental change.
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This is a tool-assisted speedrun. For more information, see

Lemmings! This is a SNES translation of the well known and popular game.

This TAS, played by Lord Tom, completes the game on the Mayhem difficulty level. We recommend reading the author’s level-by-level comments ( which explain some of the strategies used in the levels.

The category “takes damage to save time” was flagged because some of the lemmings were sacrificed for overall best completion time (in some levels, it is even necessary).


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  1. Wow, probably going though a hell of fear and anger every time a potential predator threatens them. No wonder, as being ripped apart by an eagle probably hurts like fck