An Army of Mindless Drones


In which Hank discusses his feelings after the first parts of Fahrenheit 451, argues with John, and takes a bite out of a banana.

I worry that, since Ray Bradbury appears to think that all humanity can be stripped of people, that some people will assume that all humanity /has/ been stripped from people. In my discussions with people of all sorts, I have not found that to be even a little bit possible, no matter how much mindless entertainment they consume, or how averse they are to the idea of deep thinking.

I worry about the implications of dehumanizing an entire society. I also think that, as a SciFi novel, the culture itself isn’t very well sketched out, but it is quite a short book, and maybe I should save that discussion for next time.


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  1. when clarrise first came into the book, the first thing i thought of her was that she was suppose to represent the idealistic dreamer. The person who's opinion on the world is so beautiful that it makes you question your own perspective.

  2. Great… Another video I have to skip…

    (Someone tell me to read 1984 already, then I'll be able to move on and read other books… Please. I beg you.)

  3. I clicked this video randomly and, coincidentally, I've almost finished this books

  4. A great book for making you question culture (specifically the class system) is Jasper Fforde's Shades of Grey.

  5. Uhm, you can totally "scrub love out of a person" – people get dehumanized by the treatment of others at a depressingly high rate (think psychopaths and sociopaths as just two examples). I think that Mildred is a lot more real than any of us would like to admit, because the possibility that she exists is truly terrifying.

  6. I have to say that I love that Hank starts out saying he doesn't want to analyze literature, because it ruins the experience of the book, and then he does a really deep and thoughtful analysis of Fahrenheit 451. I think it's a common misconception that the analysis of literature has to involve an exposing of the wires type thing; but in my experience the interesting questions always involve 1. how does this (insert noun type) affect the story and 2. what does that say about the intended audience; not what is the author's intent or how do we categorize this specific trope/symbol within the context of all tropes and symbols. Those last two can be useful, but they are the most basic boring questions that can be asked/answered about literature.

  7. anyone who says "there are no mindless drones" have never met fox news viewers or gone to a republican convention 

  8. "Clarisse Mcclellan is me. Clarisse Mcclellan is Ray Bradbury. The young boy who fell in love with life. And Clarisse is the essence of life, and the essence of love." – Ray Bradbury.

    I think Ray Bradbury would've fitted into Nerdfighteria quite well.

  9. I've always though that it's weird that us, as Americans, have this tradition of every November, we mash up a ton of foods into a sort of mush and stuff it up a turkey's asshole… We're strange…

  10. If you're interested in tedious reads and the idea of a world without love; read Lauren Oliver's 'Delirium'. (Yes, tedious, at least for the first 150 pages or so…)

  11. I just found a playlist of videos I was supposed to do a Video Response to (obviously I haven't sorted out my playlists since before last September)…

    Fahrenheit 451 didn't hit me the way it obviously did you. I guess Bradbury's style didn't quite strike me. 1984 however…

  12. That shirt was on TeeFury?? Aww, I thought it was one of you guys' designs. I own it now but I got it from DFTBA :3 and I love it

  13. also I love both of your takes on this book. Fahrenheit 451 is my favorite book ever, and the fact that the vlogbrothers talk about it makes me happy.

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