All CBT cognitive therapy techniques, anxiety, depression, OCD, trauma, Psychosis


List of many current CBT techniques and methods including CBT cognitive therapy, metacognitive therapy and classical conditioning EFT emotional freedom technique.  Please follow us for more videos on current CBT Training and Techniques.

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  1. WHAT AN INSPIRATIONAL VIDEO. I have been intensely anxious about telephones, even the thought of a phone caused a significant stammer which manifested itself with a pronounced jaw extension that locked into place. I felt inadequate and unable to fully function. An hour ago, I used the Swish or Fast Visual Reconditioning method and not only did I touch the phone, I made a call without any stutter at all. I cannot believe it. It is so liberating and I no longer feel controlled by this fear. I believe that I will benefit from using some other methods shown here to work on other fears that I have had since a child. THANK YOU SO MUCH

  2. Depression
    1. Everyday, write 3 good things that happened during the day, preferably things you started.
    2. Counter each negative thought with as many positive thoughts as you can.
    3. Find the positive in the negative.
    4. Gradual exposure
    5. Imagine an image of what you fear going away from you, then an image of success coming towards you. (The Swish.)
    (To be continued… stopped my summary at around 30:00)

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  5. Great video! I would like to see each of these techniques made into small video, so that folks can save the ones they want to review and learn.

  6. Is the EFT method theoritically based and how? Thank you very much for the thorough presentation!

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  9. Funny that you say you heard about EFT before and shrugged it off. 9-10 years ago I heard about EFT from a blogger I was a big follower of. She was (and still is) a huge advocate of EFT. I didn't treat it with any seriousness until I began to have anxiety issues myself that have started to take over my life. I am going to give this a serious try. Just thought it was a funny coincidence that we both initially looked at it the same way.

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