8 Cognitive Functions Explained


In this video I explain the eight cognitive functions posited in Jungian theory by Carl G. Jung. I go into how these functions relate to the personality types in the Myers Briggs type indicator or MBTI.

Psychologist Carl Jung discovered that everyone has 8 functions, and these functions are displayed differently in each individual. Each personality type has a dominant function (our strongest and most natural function), and an auxiliary function (our second strongest function that supports our dominant function). The 3rd (tertiary) and 4th (inferior) functions are developed later in life, and represent areas where we are challenged.
The 8 Cognitive functions are very important to understand when learning about the 16 different personality types. Although it seems that the only difference between two different personality types can be just one letter, this one letter can completely change the order of a person’s dominant functions and how they are presented in their personality.
Se: Extraverted Sensing          Si: Introverted Sensing
Ne: Extraverted iNtuiting          Ni: Introverted iNtuiting
Te: Extraverted Thinking          Ti: Introverted Thinking
Fe: Extraverted Feeling          Fi: Introverted Feeling


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  1. What's with the colour difference on the ISFJ chart? And why aren't all of them that colour scheme, it looks so much better?

  2. What do you know about physical appearance disclosing personality traits. Let's say I observe that you cock your head down to the right exposing your left side more? To me that would suggest you are more inclined to be logical thinker. This is a very small example of how I observe people and it can be counterintuitive based on which side is exposed more. Just like if your right handed you tend to express more of your left hemisphere traits.

  3. Be careful with MBTI. It misunderstands Jungs typology. And btw you are not INFJ, you are INTJ. (that's Ti + Ne, in Jungs typology, not MBTI).

  4. I have trouble understanding this. I have taken test multiple times online. It gives me INTP or INFP. They are very similar and also not. For example as INFP I have Fi-Ne-Si-Te. My extroverted thinking is the smallest. And I don't even have Introverted Thinking at all?? And as a INTP I have Ti-Ne-Si-Fe Introverted thinking is my strongest trait. Why traits go back and forth extro and intro? Don't this just confuse.

  5. Go for it, show all those men here on youtube what women are capable of!
    Feedback: Use a natural background, this current colorful one is irritating and influences the perceived authenticity and credibility.

  6. Couldn't one argue that your preference for a thinking system that comes from an outside source such as this makes you a Text user rather than a Ti user.

  7. A quick suggestion of mine. Putting the specific part of the topic you're talking about helps people to remember (in this case) which specific cognitive function you are describing, also it doesn't require too much effort/time. Nice video by the way.

  8. That was a dazzling analogy – waves crashing on a seashore to explain the distinction between introverted and extraverted mental qualities. Might be the best I've heard, in fact. ~intp

  9. There are not 8 cognitive functions in Jungian typology, this is a major mistake that people often make. There are only 4, with an I/E attitude affecting the 4 functions.

    Also, functions are not introverted or extraverted– People are.

  10. Man I am having such a hard time trying to figure out which order my function are. It like a blank…do i use introverted thinking first or second or do I use introverted intuition?
    Is there anywhere I can look to try and figure this out? Any help would be appreciated

  11. I deleted my comments on other videos. But i think i found an alternative ways of getting through that concrete brain.

    As i was browsing videos for anyone aware of truth as i found it , Here is one that is closer using DMT and psychedellic. More convincing than my babbles.

    Watch all his videos. Its not truth as such. But another view through practical experience with brain than any gurus. Never take anyone view as an absolute. Only absolute what your brain can see.

    You still can continue make videos but with higher level of understanding. A broader perspective.

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