6 Effective Ways to Improve Cognitive Ability


Looking for ways to boost your IQ and cognitive abilities? Then watch out this video to know about 6 effective ways to improve cognitive ability. See Also – https://www.consumerhealthdigest.com/brain-health/how-to-improve-memory.html

In this video Ron Desi explains 6 easy ways to improve cognitive ability. He explains how to protect cognitive functions and prevent memory loss by just following few tips and tricks like doing brain exercise, meditation, eating food rich in Omega 3 and trying new hobbies.

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Video Transcript: Hello everyone,

My name is Ron Desi and today I’m going to tell you about 6 easy ways to improve cognitive ability. You’ve probably experienced memory lapses from time to time or you simply cannot concentrate on your project or homework. This scenario happens to all of us, but to prevent more serious scenarios and to protect our cognitive functions we just have to remember a few tips and tricks.

Let’s see what you can do to improve your cognitive ability:

1. Exercise – physical activity boosts blood flow to the hippocampus which is responsible for memory

2. Take up a new hobby – choose a hobby that requires learning. Learning activity develops new connections between neurons which slows down cell loss due to disease or aging

3. Manage stress – people with high stress levels experience more cognitive problems than people who are stress-free

4. Socialize – friendships and positive relationships help protect against memory loss

5. Meditation – improves memory, decision-making, and attention span

6. Eat foods rich in Omega 3 fatty acids which are known for improving brain functions.

Hope this video inspired you to implement simple tips and tricks for sharper memory and focus. For more inspirational videos follow ConsumerHealthDigest.com.


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How MBTI Works: The Eight Cognitive Functions

Thanks for checking out my channel. Hope you enjoyed the video! The next one will be on the order of the functions and how this affects different personalities. Let me know in the comments below if you have any ideas for videos, or just questions that you’d like to have answered.

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  1. My mind has been active always because of this brain training game “nonu amazing only” (Google it). As we grow older it`s important to exercise our brains with a bit more than just the usual programs. It`s really a fun-filled game. I love trying to beat my best scores. This game has a lot of aspects to teach your brain.

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  3. Anybody tried the Rotogenflux Methods (look on google search engine)? We have noticed several awesome things about this popular course.

  4. Intro 0:001:08
    Fe 1:083:07
    Fi 3:074:56
    Te 4:565:54
    Ti 5:547:15
    Se 7:158:31
    Si 8:3110:26
    Ne 10:2611:37
    Ni 11:3712:46
    Channel 12:4613:14

    INTP = Ti > Ne > Si > Fe
    ISTP = Ti > Se > Ni > Fe
    ENTP = Ne > Ti > Fe > Si
    ENFP = Ne > Fi > Te > Si
    ISFP = Fi > Se > Ni > Te
    INFP = Fi > Ne > Si > Te
    INTJ = Ni > Te > Fi > Se
    INFJ = Ni > Fe > Ti > Se
    ESTJ = Te > Si > Ne > Fi
    ENTJ = Te > Ni > Se > Fi
    ESFJ = Fe > Si > Ne > Ti
    ENFJ = Fe > Ni > Se > Ti
    ISTJ = Si > Te > Fi > Ne
    ISFJ = Si > Fe > Ti > Ne
    ESTP = Se > Ti > Fe > Ni
    ESFP = Se > Fi > Te > Ni

    Great Video, thanks!

  5. hey man little advice u might like when you talk about some details or the descriptions below you can make them pop out when you say the title of the attribute of said function also add some music bro XD

  6. Yep this how the MBTI works because I have seen many people talk about how they got XXXX personality type but not consider the functions

  7. Te – Me
    Ni – Me
    Se – Me
    Fi – Me

    Overall – ENTJ. YEAH! I finally figured out my type. Thanks for he video it's a lot more helpful to hear it than get inaccurate information online. I took the 16 personalities and team technology tests and I always got different types from ENFJ to ISTP. I was advised to read the cognitive functions and this video helped. I live with very irrational people in my house except for one of my sisters who I thinks an ISTP or ISTJ. We get along well but everyone else, including my mom is extremely sensitive and overally dramatic. I cant stand it. I also have no problem be a leader. Thanks again!

  8. Thanks for explaining.

    I got somewhat mistyped by the test. I got typed as an ENTP but my dom function is Ne and aux Fi which makes me an ENFP. Though reading both descriptions I do agree on both types and they fit me well. I had 56% thinking and 44% feeling in the MBTI test, so I already knew that ENxP could fit me well.

    But the cognitive function test confirmed it that I am more ENFP than ENTP

  9. Penguinshell guy, question please? When you describe the Fe Extraverted feeling function here, you make a comment to the effect of "Fe makes this person very nurturing… of course this is a POSITIVE way to look at, and these functions are not always positive… "

    My question: Can you point me to an expanded list of all features of each of the functions? Positive as well as negative?

    Thank you — really enjoy your videos. Your voice is kind, and I love the way you explain things.

  10. Hey man! Cool video. I'm interesting in further researching this. Can you provide sources to the information included in the video?

    Thanks in advance!

  11. I just had an Intuitive thought: I am an ENFP, so I don't use certain functions like Harmony (Fe). However, I do relate to certain functions I don't use like Fe and Ni. Let's focus on Fe. I'll use examples from your video. I am definitely deeply affected by those around me. When people around me are frustrated, I can become frustrated. When my friends are talkative, I become talkative. When nobody says a word, I suddenly feel introverted. However, my mood is not entirely dependent on others. My Fi function makes sure of that. In regards to "going with the crowd", sometimes I do; sometimes I don't. It's a 50-50 thing. The same goes for working to fit what I see as my societal role. However, being supportive and nurturing and expecting reciprocation is always part of me, something I suspect has to do with my Turbulent trait. As you can see, I relate to Fe in some ways and not others, even though it isn't part of my car model/functions model. Taking everything I've said into account, here's the overarching hypothesis: one's traits that are especially dominant are used in both the introverted and extroverted form. To leave one last thought, I speculate that this is especially true under certain circumstances. Take me as an example. I am an ENFP, so I do not mainly use Fe or Ni. However, as an ENFP, Extroversion and Feeling are dominant traits. Put these together and you get Fe. Also, I have 78% dominant Intuition, so I am likely to use Intuition, such as Ni, more than many other Intuitives. Considering that this not only makes rational sense but also that I relate to the two functions described, I think I'm onto something with my hypothesis.

  12. Favorite too. Reality is not as clean as it is depicted here. While I can identify myself with most traits of a certain type, I can also disagree with others, therefore possessing some of the the other. I also realized that these may also shift depending on certain situations, while the base remains.

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