31. Cognitive Dissonance


31. Cognitive Dissonance

Cognitive dissonance refers to a situation involving conflicting attitudes, beliefs or behaviors. … For example, when people smoke (behavior) and they know that smoking causes cancer (cognition), they are in a state of cognitive dissonance.

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  1. 33 years in the military? Hummm
    Crazy world we live in.
    Truth is free…throw away your Telievision. The means never justify the ends.

  2. UN Depopulation Agenda through forced and mandated abortions-geoengineering/chemtrails-fluoride-aluminum-fracking-smart meters-vaccines-glyphosate-GMOs etc.—-UN Peacekeepers human kidnapping and sex trafficking of or children–CPS medical kidnapping and sex trafficking of our children—talking about cognitive dissonance!!!!

  3. Well done, but you really should try to enunciate more clearly. Every time you said ''dissonance'' it sounded exactly like dissidents or ''dissodance''. Cringe… I hope this was a temporary brain glitch and not a confusion of the terminology you were dealing with. It's almost as if the script with a typo in it was handed to someone who had never heard of the word before and simply read the word as ''dissidents'' or ''dissodance''. Sorry if this seems petty but, repeatedly mispronouncing the key word the video is about betrays your supposed knowledge on the subject.

  4. Little pink houses for me and you, flower power.  All anti military rant from one who knows all about privilege and nothing of sacrifice.   Countries without a military are relegated to the dust bin of history, because others will take the freedom away that you refuse to fight for.

  5. Also,
    I just watched dissonance the short film, it's really what brought me here. What is the main characters reason for cognitive dissonance? Is it. Entail illness and trying to reach out to his daughter, or trouble admitting to himself that he isn't the successful pianist he expected to be? I'd love to hear your take on it.

  6. What a brilliant , concise video! For so many reasons I've been bouncing back and forth between what I believe, accept, and live by. All separate things in a way. Even in relationships the CD is apparent and I can clearly recall the stage I started to be ignorant on purpose just to make it though day by day in a destructive relationship. Maybe too much info for YouTube but isn't this something that we never really grow out of? No matter what beliefs we hold now from Howe were raised they are all relative and will be challenged by who we meet and where we are in the world.

    Thanks for posting

  7. I agree with you about when people can't achieve something they turn around and attack it. Like the fat acceptance movement is now demonizing thin people and models. And the feminist movement demonize men, because feminist believe deep down that men are better and they are the standard. So they have to "lower" men in order for women to compete with them.

  8. Ues. Some wars are created, but many are not. You and many others seem to have a hard time understanding that their is real evil in the world and North Korea, Islam, and many other if given a chance would blow us off the face of the earth. Not every single war and conflict is made up, but some are which is causing confusion

  9. Not greeting with you comparing war legitimate war to protect the people from evil and abortion, the killing a innocent babies that have done nothing.

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