25 Super Smart Prodigies Who Have Trouble Doing Everyday Things


25 Super Smart Prodigies Who Have Trouble Doing Everyday Things

Often times really, exceptionally good at one specific cognitive skill (like math or music), savants are not always very functional in society and might not even be able to tie their own shoes. These are 25 super smart prodigies who have trouble doing everyday things.


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Derek Paravicini
Temple Grandin
Tommy McHugh
Thristan Mendoza
Jerry and Mary Newport
Rüdiger Gamm
Orlando Serrell
Leslie Lemke
Henrietta Seth F.
James Henry Pullen
Matt Savage
Gottfried Mind
James Charles Castle
Ellen Boudreaux
George Widener
Jason Padgett
Richard Wawro
Stephen Wiltshire
Alonzo Clemons
Tony Deblois
Gilles Trehin
Flo and Kay Lyman
Jedediah Buxton
Daniel Tammet
Kim Peek
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  1. I met a guy who couldn't do his 9 times tables but one day I saw him fix a crashed computer in 5 minuets.

  2. most of these people are autistic. that makes me feel just a bit more better about my autism

  3. A lot of Prodigies have Autism, that's why they struggle to do simple things. I have Aspergers Syndrome and I am extremely good at Maths and Physics. But i'm not Autistic.

  4. I used to teach highly gifted students, yes they were smart, but oh my, oh my, inept, and socially awkward. During geometry, one girl would spend over 3 hours making the straightest line or most perfect circle possible, she would even break down when she couldn't do it. Another student would stand in the middle of the playground hollering Shakespeare quotes and wondered why everyone would look at him in a weird way and call him awful names. Another one was allergic to everything; dust, pencil lead, whiteboard markers, erasers, oranges, peanuts, poor kid couldn't sit 1 hour without breaking out in hives or sneezing to death. 3 of them would proudly wear their boy scout uniforms showing off their 500 patches, and didnt understand why other boys would beat them up all the timeoved them, but my god. I loved them, but the ridicule they endured.

  5. Your videos are great except for two things. 1) Consistently Conciliating Curiosity makes no sense. It means nothing. 2) Your pronunciation, articulation, and the style of your voice all suck. And your attempts at humor and cleverness usually fail. Videos are interesting though. 

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