💭 Cognitive Dissonance Theory – Psychology (Attitude Change) Telling a Lie for Twenty Dollars


Dr. Manishika Jain describes cognitive harshness concept for mindset adjustment
Festinger as well as Carlsmith experiment – Telling a Lie for Twenty Bucks for a monotonous experiment to be proclaimed interesting
The $ 1 group, (there was cognitive dissonance).
The initial cognitions would certainly be: (Dissonant cognitions) “The experiment was extremely boring” “I informed the waiting trainees that it was intriguing” “I told a lie for only $ 1.”.
The transformed cognitions would certainly be: (Harshness reduced) – “The experiment was really intriguing”; “I told the waiting pupils that it was intriguing”; “I would certainly not have actually informed a lie for only $ 1.”.
The group, (no cognitive dissonance).
” The experiment was extremely dull”; “I informed the waiting students that it was fascinating”; “I informed a lie since I was paid $ 20.”.
Verdict: Telling others that the experiment was intriguing, for just a little quantity of loan), they ended that their perspective in the direction of the experiment declared.

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